WHY-Q? INC. is a global lifestyle, marketing and brand consultancy firm. WHY-Q? was founded in 1999 to provide an alternative to traditional market research and brand strategy. Our mission is to deliver clients innovative and customized research methodologies that help generate consumer, brand and communication insights. Brands that thrive, and command consumer loyalty, are the ones who listen to and connect with their consumers’ needs and desires. At WHY-Q?, we are experienced at initiating this on-going dialogue and helping our clients better understand their consumers’ attitudes, behaviors and motivations.

WHY-Q? has earned a reputation for being agile, inventive and analytical, and for employing creative, innovative approaches, while not straying from the core  fundamentals. We have offices in NYC and LA, but work in markets across the country and around the world. We employ a network of moderators, recruiters, thought leaders, videographers, editors and brand strategists.